Charles Henry Wetzel's Employment Mini-Site

This mini-site has various versions of my résumés and supporting documentation. For example, it has my master résumé (the one with everything important on it), an English teaching résumé (only things relevant to teaching English), an IT/computer résumé, and supporting documentation.

Examples of supporting documentation include an explanation of how I had qualified professionals proctor my exams for distance learning, how I completed my University of Maryland University College Asia (UMUC Asia) degree including on-site courses offered on US Military bases in Japan, and also scans of important documents such as the front page of my passport, my degrees, etc.


  • Master Résumé
    This résumé is extremely long and includes virtually everything I have ever done that could be relevant to pretty much any occupation.
  • English Teaching Résumé
    This résumé is shorter and includes only things relevant to English teaching or other very basic things.
  • IT/Computer Résumé
    This résumé is shorter and includes only things relevant to IT/computers or other very basic things.

Supporting Documentation

  • More Information About How I Completed My Bachelor's and Associate's Degrees and My Career Studies Certificates
    Due to the fact that I have lived in many countries and therefore had to complete a few degrees by distance, a person might wonder "How rigorous was that academic program, really? How was academic integrity ensured?" I assure a prospective employer or school that the academic programs I completed were both fully-accredited and quite rigorous, and a large number of qualified professionals went through an approval process before proctoring my exams.

    My bachelor of science degree in Computer & Information Science degree was actually not a distance degree, but a hybrid degree; during my studies at UMUC Asia (University of Maryland University College Asia) I actually took courses on US Military bases under professors whom I met face-to-face on a regular basis in 2014, 2015, and 2016. This document documents this.
  • Images
    Scans of my passport, Residence Card, degrees, certificates, etc. can be found here: password required.
  • My Programming Website
    This website is essentially a portfolio of all the major programs I have completed outside of class.

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