Charles H. Wetzel

Current Address:
My specific address, in Hachiōji, is a secret.

Permanent Address:
My specific address, in Hachiōji, is a secret.

Current and Permanent Addresses in Japanese:


Date of Birth: October 24, 1986
Nationality: United States of America
Visa Status: I have the (relatively new) Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/Int'l Services Status of Residence (在留資格: 技術・人文知識・国際業務) in Japan until July 4, 2021 (3 Y, extendable)
Military Base Status: I have received the United States Forces Japan ID card to access Yokosuka Naval Base and Kadena Air Base. These were only valid until May of 2014 and January of 2016, respectively, but it means that my background check has already been done, and I can receive future base passes more easily than an ordinary civilian who has not gone through the background check.
Marital Status: Single


A position in a field making use of my skills

(degrees are listed first, certificates/diplomas second)


University of Maryland University College Asia (メリーランド大学ユニバーシティ・カレッジ校 [UMUC アジア]), official completion**: July 14, 2016
GPA: 4.000 / 4.000 (Summa Cum Laude)
Completed a second Bachelor of Science degree (in Computer & Information Science)
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

Northern Virginia Community College*, confer date: May 10, 2015
Northern Virginia Community College Extended Learning Institute, Fairfax, VA
Plan GPA: 3.875 / 4.000 (Graduation Honors: Summa Cum Laude)
Completed an Associate of Science degree in Information Technology
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

Excelsior College, School of Liberal Arts*, completion**: October 23, 2010
School of Liberal Arts (Excelsior College), New York
GPA: 3.76 / 4.00 (Magna Cum Laude)
Completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies with Depths in History and Korean.
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

Excelsior College, School of Liberal Arts*, completion**: May, 2009
School of Liberal Arts (Excelsior College), New York
GPA: 3.77 / 4.00 (received High Honors)
Completed an AA degree in Liberal Arts with an Area of Focus (AOF) in History and an AOF in Korean.
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

Certificates/Diplomas (please note that certificates/diplomas requiring only one course/test are listed under "SKILLS," next to the specific skills that they represent):

Information Systems Technology Department, Northern Virginia Community College*, confer date: May 10, 2015
Northern Virginia Community College Extended Learning Institute, Virginia
Plan GPA: 4.000 / 4.000 (Graduation Honors: Summa Cum Laude)
Completed a Career Studies Certificate in Application Programming
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

Business Management Department, Northern Virginia Community College*, confer date: August 11, 2013
Northern Virginia Community College Extended Learning Institute, Virginia
Plan GPA: 4.000 / 4.000
Completed a Career Studies Certificate in Business Information Technology
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

The Korean Language Institute, the Institute of Language Research and Education, Yonsei University (연세대학교 한국어학당, 延世大學校韓國語學堂), graduation: June, 2008
Following graduation, took and passed two consecutive semesters of Advanced courses specifically for graduates.
Korean Language Institute (Yonsei University), Seoul
Earned and financed 100% of college education and expenses

Robinson Secondary School, graduation with Advanced Studies Diploma: June, 2005
Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax, VA
SAT Score: 1440/1600
Grade Average: B+

*Something with an asterisk (*) next to it means I completed it while living in Asia, by distance, from an accredited college or university (more information: <>).
**"Completion" means when the courses/exams were all finished. The completion date and the graduation date may differ slightly.


Information Technology (IT):
Skill Course, Exam, or Other Qualification Grade, Score, or Other Achievement
Relational databases (theory and Oracle SQL*Plus and PL/SQL programming, with some minor assignments completed using MySQL and phpMyAdmin)
  • UMUC CMIS 320, Relational Database Applications & Concepts
  • UMUC CMIS 420, Advanced Relational Database Concepts and Applications
  • A
  • A
UNIX/UNIX-like operating systems (such as Linux) and shell programming knowledge including the command line, vi, the Korn Shell, etc. UMUC CMIS 325, UNIX with Shell Programming A
Java programming skills including the Swing GUI and a little bit of libGDX NVCC ITP 120, Java Programming I, UMUC CMIS 242, Intermediate Programming, and CMSC 495, Current Trends and Projects in Computer Science
  • A
  • A
  • A
C++ programming skills
  • C++ Programming for Game Developers - Module I
  • UMUC CMIS 315, C++ Programming
  • B (2009)
  • A (2014)
BASIC (QBasic, FirstBasic, Puchikon, TI-BASIC), pseudocode, and Raptor programming skills
  • Maxcoderz, Greenfire Pong [programming] Contest, April 2004
  • UMUC CMIS 102, Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design
  • First Place in TI-BASIC programming language division for graphics
  • A
Web development technologies including HTML and basic XHTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash with basic ActionScript 3.0
  • Webmaster of the site now located at <>, from 2006-present
  • NVCC ART 116, Design for the Web (Dreamweaver)
  • ITE 115, Introduction to Computer Applications/Concepts (XHTML)
  • ITE 170, Multimedia Software (Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash with ActionScript 3.0)
  • A
  • A
  • A
XML UMUC CMIS 170, Introduction to XML A
Software Engineering UMUC CMIS 330, Software Engineering Principles and Techniques A
Computer applications/concepts such as Microsoft Office's Access, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint NVCC ITE 115, Introduction to Computer Applications/Concepts A
PC hardware and operating system architecture
  • NVCC ITE 221, PC Hardware & O/S Architecture
  • Built an Intel Core i7-based system (2013) and a Pentium 3-based system (2006)
Telecommunications and Networking
  • NVCC ITN 100, Introduction to Telecommunications
  • UMUC CMIS 435, Computer Networking
  • A
  • A
Information systems and computer applications CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications 66/80

English Teaching:
- Native speaker of American English (raised near Washington, D.C.)
- CELTA certified (120-hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language [TEFL] certificate for teaching adults, earned at the IGSE (International Graduate School of English, 국제영어대학원대학교) in Dunchon-dong, Korea, issued by Cambridge University), 2007
- CTEYL certified (50-hour Certificate for the Teaching of English to Young Learners), 2012
- TOEIC (which I took so I could better empathize with my business English students at Fujitsu, J-Devices, and Alte Meister): 975 (Listening: 495, Reading: 480)
- Skills in understanding East Asian culture and living successfully in East Asia: have lived in East Asia for ~17½ years (more than half my life), including:
Approximately five years in Seoul, South Korea
Approximately three years in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China
Approximately 1½ years in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Approximately 8 years in Japan (~2 years in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, ~1½ years in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, ~1 year in Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, and ~2½ years in Western Tokyo)

Other Linguistics:
- KLPT (Korean Language Proficiency Test [세계한국말인증시험, 世界韓國말認證試驗] taken April 26, 2009) Level: 5 (5급, 五級, advanced, vocabulary of 6,000+ words)
- JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N2 [日本語能力試験 N2], taken December 6, 2015): ~6,000 words, hiragana, and katakana: Vocabulary Grade: A, Grammar Grade: A
- Kanji Kentei 3-kyū (漢字検定三級, the official test of Sino-Japanese characters [kanji] in Japan, taken February 4, 2018): Passed, which certifies knowledge of 1,607 kanji
- Goethe-Zertifikat A1 Start Deutsch 1 (the official German test offered by Goethe Institut), taken November 27, 2018): Prädikat · Grade: 90% (Hören · Listening: 18.26/25, Lesen · Reading: 24.9/25, Schreiben · Writing: 24.07/25, Sprechen · Speaking: 23.24/25)

- Knowledge of personal finance (passed the DSST Personal Finance exam with a passing score: 438/500 [only 47.62% of examinees pass])
- Knowledge of Japanese history (took UMUC HIST 482, History of Japan to 1800, in Kadena, Okinawa under Professor Kishō Azama, for personal interest [not required for degree], grade: A)


Teacher (Tokyo, Japan), with multiple employers (teaching from toddlers to the elderly), Tokyo, Japan, October 2016-Present

- Working at Shane (シェーン英会話) in Kanda from February, 2019 to Present (boss: Rosie Houlding)
    - Dispatched to Daini Shoka Nursery and Kagai (kindergarten) classes in Yokohama from March, 2019 to Present
    - Dispatched to Eikoh Seminar lessons all over Tokyo (teaching elementary school students) from April, 2019 to Present
    - Have games and activities to make the lessons more interesting, and I am not afraid to sing and dance!
    - Follow official lesson plans and submit attendance records and Cover Notes after each Eikoh Seminar lesson using SHANE Global Intranet
    - Attending optional training sessions to learn more songs, games, etc. and also to share my own ideas with other teachers, collaboratively

- Working at Linguage (リンゲージ) in Shinjuku from November, 2018 to Present (boss: Alfonso-Tomás Leung)
    - Dispatched to teach adults business English at Technicolor Pioneer from December, 2018 to February, 2019
    - Dispatched to Hitachi for voice recording work, November, 2018
    - Dispatched to give feedback on engineering student presentations at Shibaura Institute of Technology, December, 2018
    - Being dispatched to Konica Minolta to teach adults intermediate- and advanced-level business English from May to October, 2019
    - Occasionally teaching adults at the headquarters in Shinjuku
    - For the Technicolor Pioneer students, provided specialized business English to help them explain Technicolor Pioneer's main product, set-top boxes (STBs) for cable TV. Elicited information from the students from the software development process (mostly using GNU C on Linux), to the transfer of drivers, middleware, interface, etc. software to the STBs, to the testing using a special device that emulates cable TV broadcasts using MPEG technology, as well as all the cables and ports that make this possible. This drew heavily on my IT background (I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Information Science).
    - Had activities to make the lessons more interesting, for example, the "Page 11 Triathlon," in which the students competed in three different events about business English, using their new vocabulary and phrases about occupations (a businessperson, an entrepreneur, a mechanic, etc.), positions (an executive director, a vice president, a section manager, etc.), departments (administration, accounting, marketing, etc.), nationality adjectives (Brazilian, German, Thai, etc.), etc.—this activity included oral quizzing, slamming cards I had made for the lesson, and a writing race.
    - Made lesson plans, submitted monthly reports, individual student reports, and attendance records via Linguage's online Instructor Report Management System (IRMS)
    - Checked and corrected homework
    - Prepared the Technicolor Pioneer students for teleconferencing
    - For most lessons, used High Five: English for Business Success: step 1

- Worked at Guarantee Language (ギャランティーランゲージ) in Koganei from December, 2016 to March, 2019 (owner: Andrew Docktor)
    - Taught toddlers to the elderly, with the majority of my students being adults, and with the lessons being a mix of private, semi-private, and group lessons
    - With the children, primarily used American Start with English Books 1-6 and Super Simple Songs
    - With adolescents, primarily used SIDE by SIDE BOOKS 1-2
    - With adults, primarily used Breaking News English, TRUE STORIES IN THE NEWS, Business Venture 1, (new) interchange 2, Market Leader: Upper-Intermediate, and various TOEIC and TOEFL books. However, some of the adult students had more niche interests such as railroad-related English, or studying video clips from Star Trek: Discovery or Big Bang Theory, for which I needed to locate the clips, transcribe scripts for the student's reference, and figure out which vocabulary and phrases the student might need to be taught.
    - Served as a consultant to the translator of Harlequin Romance and Magnolia Romance novels known by the pen name of "Rikako Matsuki" (松木りか子), whose works are available at a bookstore near you: during most of our private lessons, she has consulted me about the manuscripts she translates. The result of my consulting work with her can be found in the Japanese version of the Scottish highlander romance novel, The Beast of Clan Kincaide (ハイランドの復讐). Her English level was fluent (C2), therefore her questions were not simple English questions, but rather very high-level questions relying on deep knowledge of Western history and culture that even many native speakers would have had difficulty answering.
    - Consulting work for the English website of the Japanese Communist Party (not a reflection of my own political views, which are private—simply mentioning it because it is a large, well-known organization in Japan)
    - IT-related English, for example, proofreading technical documents about robots and 3D point clouds for a Waseda University graduate student, and assisting a system engineer in improving his English, especially in the context of work e-mails and Skype Messenger sessions, so that he could better deal with his Vietnamese and other overseas staff
    - Had games and activities to make the lessons more interesting, for example, a comparatives board game
    - Planned lessons and filled out paperwork after the lesson about the contents of the lesson
    - Checked and corrected workbooks and other written work (it was a general school recommendation that students copy notes in their notebooks, and that the teacher check them, and I also recommended to many students that they write diaries, which I also checked)
    - Prepared students for the TOEFL, TOEIC, Eiken, etc. exams
    - Prepared for and hosted the Halloween parties for the students—games and activities, and an elaborate homemade costume of Hideyo Noguchi from the ¥1,000 bill

- Worked at Live English, Inc. (株式会社 ライブ イングリッシュ) online (the corporation is headquartered in Shinjuku but I taught students located not only in the Kantō Region, but also Hawaii, New York, Southeast Asia, etc.) from October, 2016 to October, 2017 (director: Atsuko Suzuki)
    - Taught adults, including extensive business English, especially from materials such as Market Leader and Breaking News English.
    - Before lessons, assembled various forms of multimedia from around the Internet including images and videos to make the lessons more interesting
    - Planned lessons and gave students feedback via the online My Live platform, through Lesson Memo, etc.
    - Used Skype for Linux, Windows, and iOS and would help students troubleshoot their technical problems
    - Checked and corrected homework
    - Prepared students for the TOEIC exam

English Teacher (Fukushima, Japan), with Windmill English Center (official British spelling: Centre, Japanese: ウィンドミルイングリッシュセンター) (teaching primarily adults), Fukushima, Japan, April, 2015-August, 2016
- Signed a 16-month contract (April 14, 2015-August 13, 2016), contract complete
- Worked at the Nakajima-machi main office and was also dispatched to Alte Meister (a company that crafts Buddhist altars and Buddhist altar equipment) and Fujitsu
- Manager: Junko Holland
- Taught mainly adults (business English and general English), but also some children from late kindergarten to high school age
- Had games and activities to make the lessons more interesting, and did lots of curriculum development (created and filed many worksheets, visuals, games, etc. into the school's files and network-attached storage for other teachers' use—sharing rather than hoarding)
- Made lesson plans, which were sometimes reviewed by the head teacher
- Checked and corrected workbooks and other writing assignments, and checked and corrected essays for a young man to prepare for Temple University Japan's entrance examination (he passed)
- Translated a lengthy document for Texas Instruments from Japanese to English (this was considered separate from my teaching duties and therefore paid separately as a translation)
- Coached speech contest students as well as a Texas Instruments employee about how to give effective speeches
- Gave lessons to prepare students for TOEIC and interviews for the Eiken
- Prepared for and helped out at Halloween, Christmas (as Santa Claus), Flower Viewing parties as well as our field trip to British Hills, an event at Ikki Elementary School, etc. I taught the children knife safety and how to whittle marshmallow roasting sticks at the barbecue party. The Halloween party involved making an Akabeko (the city's legendary red cow) costume painstakingly by hand using cardboard, paint, etc. I also helped out with Easter egg hunts, watermelon smashing, etc.
- Taught from various textbooks including New Headway (Beginner, Elementary, and Pre-Intermediate), English Land 1 & 2, Business Venture 1 & 2, New Inside Out (Intermediate), International Express (Intermediate), Storyfun for Flyers, and Macmillan English 1 & 2

English Teacher (Utsunomiya, Japan), with Utsunomiya English Center (宇都宮イングリッシュセンター) (teaching kindergarteners to senior citizens), Utsunomiya, Japan, September 2013-March 2015
- UEC dispatched me to a private elementary school and junior high school (I was a full-time ALT [Assistant Language Teacher] for a year, and I also taught kindergarten on the same campus).
- I was dispatched to Honda Engineering, Sumitomo Densō, and the YMCA, where I taught English.
- I taught business English and conversational English, mostly to adults at UEC headquarters (Manager: Hideo Muramatsu).
- I taught English at the Teikyō University branch campus in Kawarazuka.
- As an ALT, I led/helped with the English club, preparing original, fun lessons such as a Christmas advent calendar craft class, a pirate treasure hunt with a treasure chest and clues on parchment that took them all over the school grounds, etc.
- Taught the entire 6th grade how to make Norwegian pancakes during a special English cooking lesson for Parents' Day.
- As an ALT, I assisted with and attended school events such as the Culture Festival, the sweet potato picking field trip, the Sports Festival, etc.
- Planned lessons
- Checked and corrected workbooks and diaries
- In general, I taught from the Let's Go series, Hi Friends 1 & 2, Talk and Talk Book 1 and 2, the New Crown Series, the American (or New) Headway series, Business Venture 1 & 2, English for the Automobile Industry, and Let's Talk About It: 1000 Topics for Conversation.

English Conversation School Teacher (Yokkaichi, Japan), with Big Apple International School of English (ビッグアップル英会話スクール) (taught all ages from newborn babies to 65 years old), Yokkaichi, Japan, March 2011-August 2013
- I worked at the main school in Yokkaichi (manager: Kaori Nakamura)
- I taught all ages. My students ranged in age from babies to 60-somethings.
- I greatly increased the number of adult students at our school, from only two when I started to eight when I left. My retention rate was 100% for adult students (except for adults who moved away from Mie Prefecture).
- To make the classes more fun for younger students, I made a series of 52 classroom games (one for each week of the year).
- To make the learning of their weekly calendar quiz words more fun, I created a piece of software, called "Big Apple Word Search," which allows students to do word searches with their weekly calendar quiz words (randomly-generated so the word searches are different almost every time). The program contains all 366 calendar quiz words for 2012, is written in BASIC (551 lines of code), and is available to all enrolled Big Apple International School of English students upon request.
- Planned lessons
- Checked and corrected workbooks and diaries
- In general, I taught using the Kid's Talk, Let's Go, New Interchange, and Let's Talk About It: 1000 Questions for Conversation textbooks, though I sometimes taught from other textbooks, as well.
- Prepared and hosted each year's Halloween and Christmas parties including planning games and arts & crafts activities for those parties
- Extensive advertising functions: gave free trial lessons, Big Apple Special Lessons, assisted the manager with running the advertising booth on most Wednesdays on the first floor of the mall, handed out fliers in the mall, proofread and wrote parts of advertisements, wrote articles for the Big Apple newsletters, etc.
- Big Apple Kindergarten — Ms. Nakamura and I gave English lessons at Kishida Kindergarten.
- Webmaster of the Big Apple Web site — I used HTML, FTP, and other basic technologies to keep our Web site current and also had the idea to move the Web site to a new server. I assisted the manager with this, and now she is paying 50% less than before for Web hosting.
- I recruited the new English teacher, after posting three advertisements and giving seven interviews. Then I trained him.
- About one year later, when that teacher was finished, I returned to the school for a few days to fill in and help recruit the new teacher. I interviewed several candidates and we hired a new teacher.

Part-Time (working online) Korean to English Translator (the company is located in Seoul, South Korea), with Gate Tong (게이트통), Over the Internet, January 2011-January 2012
- Did Korean-English translations
- Did proofreading
- Did paraphrasing
- Worked on projects for various large organizations such as Hyundai and Korea University

English Teacher (Kaohsiung, Taiwan), with Amigo School (私立阿米格英語短期補習班) as my primary ARC-sponsoring school (I taught children full-time, as well as substitute teaching adult classes, sometimes), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, July 2009-March 2011
- Worked at the Shihjia Branch until March 2010 (director: Cindy Huang), then at the Wujia Branch from March 2010 to March 2011 (director: Mandy Chi)
- Taught mainly elementary and middle schoolers
- Had games and activities to make the lessons more interesting
- Made and submitted lesson plans before lessons
- Checked and corrected workbooks
- Prepared students for the Cambridge KET and Flyers exams
- Prepared for the Halloween, Christmas, and dance parties
- Found and trained a new English teacher

Overnight Associate, Kohl's, Fairfax, VA April 2006-June 2006
- Worked full-time in clothing retail in order to fund study in Korea.

Certified Sales Associate, 7-Eleven, Burke, VA December 2004-February 2006
- Received two "green cards" for integrity involving sales of age-restricted products.
- Became "Sanitation Certified," which involved taking a State-approved test (score: 100%).
- Earned "Certified Sales Associate" rank by providing excellent customer service, which was accompanied by a raise.
- Worked full-time to fund study in Korea.

Insider, Domino's Pizza, Fairfax, VA August 2004-January 2005
- Provided excellent customer service and highly-efficient work, and was recognized with a raise.
- Worked part-time to fund study in Korea.


- Amateur programmer, 1997-present—my portfolio of programs I have written is at <>.
- Amateur mountain hiker, having reached the summits of the following mountains: Vaalserberg (the small mountain at the three-country border of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium) (2019), Mt. Jinba and Mt. Takao (2017), Mt. Bandai (2016), Mt. Gozaisho (twice in 2013, including once in the winter), Mt. Fuji (2012), Mt. Halla on Jeju Island, South Korea (2012), etc.
- HealthyWage Challenge winner—lost over 30 pounds in less than six months, and won a $151 prize bonus for doing so, June 2017-December 2017
- Yokkaichi International Center (四日市国際センター) Japanese Circle, August 2012-August 2013, Aizu-Wakamatsu International Association (会津若松市国際交流協会) Japanese course, April-June 2016
- NVCC ELI Pedometer Challenge 2013: Won the Challenge with 1,163,345 pedometer steps in just 28 days (~508 miles [~817 kilometers]); walked from Yokkaichi to Tsu, Yokkaichi to Nagoya, climbed to the peak of Mt. Gozaisho during the winter, and walked from Yokkaichi to Kyōto-fu (passing through Kameyama and Iga on the way), February-March 2013.
- Special Prize winner in the Korean Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries UCC Makgeolli Video Contest (농림수산식품부 글로벌 막걸리 UCC 공모전), September 2012
- UMUC Dean's List, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015
- NVCC Presidential Scholar, Summer 2008, Dean's List, Spring 2009, Spring 2013
- Fairfax County Public Schools [Non-Credit] Adult Education Program for Korean Language, 2005-2006
- Boy Scouts of America (reached Eagle Scout rank), 1993-2004
- Robinson Secondary School Pi Day Pi Memorization Competition (2004: First Place with 205 digits, 2003: Second Place with 128 digits)




available on request

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